Recovery and disposal

Energy from Waste Plants in Devon

In Devon, the majority of waste that isn’t reduced, reused, recycled or composted is sent to one of two energy recovery facilities either in Exeter or Plymouth. These plants combust residual (black bin) waste at extremely high temperatures in a controlled environment to produce energy which transformed into power and steam. Find out more about the plants by following the below links:

Plymouth energy from waste plant
Plymouth Energy From Waste Plant

Exeter Energy From Waste Plant
Exeter Energy From Waste Plant

Whilst these plants are a much better option than simply landfilling our waste, it is still important that we reduce, reuse and recycle and compost as much as possible.

Disposal in Devon

Whilst the majority of waste in Devon is sent to an energy from waste plant, some waste from the North of the county is still sent for landfill disposal. These sites are primarily operated by private contractors Viridor and Devon Waste Management.

We also have the responsibility for the maintenance of 58 closed landfill sites across Devon. The majority of the closed sites are small sites which have been restored to agricultural land.