Garden waste recycling and collections

Garden waste collections are undertaken by your local district, city or borough councils.

We are responsible for the recycling and processing of the separately collected garden waste. Additionally, garden waste is also accepted at our Household Waste and Recycling Centres.

Visit your local district, city or borough council’s website to order a new or replacement garden waste container, find out what day your garden waste is collected or to report a missed collection.

View our frequently asked questions below:

What happens to the garden waste?

The separately collected garden waste is sent for open windrow composting, the process involves:

  • garden waste is delivered to the composting facility
  • a high speed shredder is used to break down the waste material
  • the material is then fed into a screener, larger material is removed from the process and put back through the shredder
  • the garden waste is then managed to maturity over 14 weeks. It is turned often to regulate the internal heat and samples are taken to check levels of nutrients
  • after weeks of careful management, the garden waste has transformed into a soil conditioner (compost) which is then spread onto local farmland

What can I put in my garden waste container?

Yes please:

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Why should I not place compostable packaging into my garden waste container?

Compostable packaging should not be placed into your garden waste container as it is not suitable for the open windrow composting process. Many forms of compostable packaging take longer than garden waste to break down. We would advise checking with the manufacturer if the packaging is suitable for home composting but please note that this could take some time, alternatively you can place such items into your general waste bin.

Further information can be found on the Less Waste website.

What are the benefits of sending garden waste to open windrow composting?

Open windrow composting is used for processing garden waste in an open air environment where the material can break down in the presence of oxygen. Open windrow composting produces a soil conditioner (compost) which is spread onto local farmland.

I want to start composting at home, how do I do this?

Garden waste can be composted at home. For a step-by-step guide visit Recycle Devon.

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