Gas bottles

For health and safety reasons, our recycling centres do not accept non-household gas bottles. Acceptable types are listed below (quantities are restricted to five of each type, within a six month period).

  • Acceptable
    • Standard low-pressure gas cylinders, for example, gas heaters cylinders.
    • Small canisters (camping gas, soda stream or equivalent).
    • Fire extinguishers.
    • Helium (party balloon type).
  • Not acceptable
    • Refrigerant cylinders.
    • Brewery cylinders.
    • Food grade nitrous oxide canisters.
    • Medical cylinders including oxygen.
    • Diving cylinders.
    • Breathing apparatus.
    • Acetylene/welding cylinders.
    • Industrial high-pressure cylinders.
    • Industrial adhesive/froth packs.
    • LPG auto gas tanks.
    • Water purification tanks.
    • Other unmarked cylinders where the content is unknown.

Cylinders remain the property of the gas company and should be returned to a local dealer of the company owning the cylinder. Medical cylinders should be returned to the issuing medical centre.

The following four parent companies have responsibility for the majority of cylinders:

  • Calor Gas (Brooksight Ltd) Tel: 0207 731 1221.
  • BP (Synergy Asset Services Ltd) Tel: 01227 462008.
  • Flogas Tel: 0845 6015176.
  • BOC Tel: 0800 111333.

Calor Gas are currently offering £7.50 for empty/unwanted Calor gas bottles if returned directly to a Calor Centre.

For more information see the Liquid Petroleum Gas Association website.

For Soda Stream gas canisters (empty, full/part full) contact Soda Stream Customer care on 0845 601 0093 or email They will arrange to send you a label to return the canisters.