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Higher Development Award

Unlocking potential & being the best you can be

Task and Finish Group

There is now a task and finish group created to explore the Higher Development Award for Integrated Care System for Devon. We will be piloting only the level one award and looking to develop to level two and three after the pilot. The meetings are starting in September, fortnightly one hour meetings involving care providers, colleges, Health Education England and DCC. The intention of looking at the curriculum, delivery, timescales, appropriateness for a range of staff, etc. If you would like to be involved in the meetings and the development of the award please email Workforcetraining&

What is the Higher Development Award?

First developed in 2016, Learning & Development Leads at Health Education England (HEE) identified what additional training would mean to further develop the support workforce following implementation of the Care Certificate. A programme to enable a knowledge base to be developed for progressing their career or remaining in their current role. For most learners this programme is building on a wealth of skills and experience already held.

Flexibility – remain in their role whilst studying. 6-9 study days (dependent on level) with additional learning in own time to achieve Functional Skills.
Partnership- to deliver programme with local FE or Adult Community College who draw down funding for the programmes and provide accreditation with awarding body.
Retention- helps to motivate and engage Support Staff helping to retain staff in their current role as well as those who wish to progress.

Key outcomes

  • Integrated Health and Social Care collaboration – for employers and delegates on the programme. Added benefit of learning how other organisations run and learning from that.
  • Supports patient safety in terms of escalation and incident reporting.
  • Supports knowledge, techniques, and principles in which to empower and guide thought processes and decision making.
  • Builds confidence in both abilities to study and personal achievement which impacts on patient/client experience.
  • The independent evaluation demonstrated this as a key exemplar of the course.
  • Service Improvement – developing skills as yet untapped and bringing about return on investment and streamlining services and patient/client experience
  • L1 introduction to learning and Functional/ digital skills
  • L2 ILM Team Leader award 14 credits + L2 Functional Skills qualification
  • L3 ILM Leadership & Management 17 credits

Example of award currently running at Lambeth College, including programme offer, case studies, modules and videos.

Level one is an ILM Endorsed Award which provides learners with an introduction to personal development and team skills whilst they study for their level one in functional skills. It is held over five days – one day per month for five months. Delegates who achieve their functional skills can then go onto the next programme at level two. Modules you will study at Level 1.

  • Introduction to personalities and behaviour
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Assertiveness
  • Motivating yourself and others
  • Developing self – understanding how you learn
  • Personal management
  • Reflection
  • Introduction to teams
  • Functional Skills English and/or maths at Entry 3 or Level 1

Level two – this gives learners the ILM Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading which provides them with 14 credits. All learners study for their level 2 in functional skills. The programme is six days over six months. Successful delegates can then go onto the level three programme. For those who have studied the level two, they can take some of their credits forward, reducing the required number of days for the level three. Modules you will study at Level 2.

  • Developing yourself as a team leader
  • Problem solving skills
  • Coaching in the workplace
  • Functional Skills English and/or maths at Level  2

Level three – this is for learners who have their level 2 in functional skills (both maths and English). They have six days of study over six months – this focuses on the ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management which provides 17 credits. We also have one day on motivational interviewing. Modules you will study at Level 3.

  • Understanding leadership
  • Team dynamics
  • Advanced communication
  • Developing self and others
  • Problem solving, planning and implementing change
  • Presentation skills
  • Motivational interviewing

Resource hub

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