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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

The Provider Assessment And Market Management Solution (PAMMS)

What is PAMMS?

The Provider Assessment And Market Management Solution (PAMMS) is an online assessment tool, which will be used to help us assess the quality of care delivered by providers of adult social care services.

Why we are using PAMMS

We will be using the PAMMS auditing tool for many reasons:

  • Providers and the monitoring team will work more closely to achieve better outcomes for residents of Devon.
  • It gives care providers the opportunity to sense-check their internal quality audits against our independent audit
  • It provides a standardised and consistent approach to quality across the South West region. (PAMMS will be used by most of the authorities in the South West of England)
  • It enables an objective quality audit to be undertaken. This supports providers in establishing what is working really well and what areas may require improvement
  • Action plan tool to support collaborative working with providers. It helps identify where we can provide additional support, signposting or referral to expert teams. For example, infection control, fire safety or diabetes management
  • It can lead to improved Care Quality Commission ratings for providers

What will be assessed?

A service will be rated by PAMMS in the following areas, based on the evaluation of the quality monitoring officer:

  • Involvement and information
  • Personalised care and support
  • Safeguarding and safety
  • Suitability of staffing
  • Quality of management

What will the outcome of the PAMMS assessment be?

After the assessment is complete, your service will be given a rating of either: excellent, good, requires improvement or poor.

We will send you the assessment details for you to supply your comments. The officer will take your comments into account to reach their final decision.

If you receive a rating of ‘requires improvement’ or “poor” you will need to submit a service improvement plan with timescales for actions to be completed, which will be monitored.

Will the final PAMMS report be a public document?

There are no plans to publish providers full report or quality ratings at this time

Is a PAMMS audit and CQC inspection the same?

No, but there is a close relationship between the PAMMS assessment and CQC’s current inspection requirements.

The PAMMS assessment is a supportive tool that we use. It is intended to help providers prepare for a CQC visit. The assessment report will show any high achieving service areas. Similarly, any areas that are not achieving the same high standards are identified and support is put in place to get positive results.

Taking part in the pilot phase

We are about to commence a pilot, which will help us better understand use of the tools available to us and ensure we design an approach to quality and contract monitoring which is not overly arduous or time consuming for you.

We would like to ask providers to register their interest in being part of this exciting project which will shape Devon’s approach, please email

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