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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

    Discounts for carers

    All care workers, including unpaid voluntary carers, can access Discounts for carers.

    The discounts include everything from department stores to restaurants, holiday parks to broadband. Please promote this widely to ensure your staff can benefit from these discounts.

    Expanding and improving regular breaks for carers – new guidance

    Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) and Carers UK have launched new guidance on providing and commissioning carers’ breaks, plus advice and information for carers on how to get a break.

    Research by Carers UK shows 46 per cent of unpaid carers were unable to get a break in the last five years, even though they wanted one.

    Evidence indicates that there needs to be a wider choice of breaks available, and to ensure they are accessible, personalised and enjoyable for both the carer – and the person they care for.

    Health and social care commissioners have a role to play in shaping the market, and providers should take a more innovative approach to develop a wide range of breaks, available at different times to suit carers.

    Please read more here.

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