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MPS: Replacement care


Older woman sitting on the edge of her bed with her hand on a walking stick: Replacement careReplacement care is the outcome of a one-off or recurrent short-term service that specifically addresses the need of a carer for a break from caring responsibilities, or allows other carer needs to be met, by providing a service to the cared-for person.

The break is made possible through care and support arrangements that replace that which would have otherwise been provided by the carer.

Any short-term service which is explicitly intended to provide a break to the carer is included. This might include for example:

  • a service providing care or support in the person’s own home (including night sits), either regulated or unregulated
  • a service which includes overnight accommodation for example in a care home, extra care housing or a ‘Shared Lives’ adult placement or where a care and support provider utilises unregulated accommodation for example a hotel, or bed & breakfast establishment or holiday rental
  • a day centre
  • care or support that allows the carer rest or a break during a holiday taken with the cared-for person
  • or, any combination of these.

Replacement care would usually be arranged on a planned basis but an unplanned or urgent service to meet the needs of the carer for a break may be required.

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Last updated: 30/01/2020

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