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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Can NHS/DCC supply face masks, hand gel, paper towels or personal protection equipment (PPE)?

Some health and care providers have experienced difficulties accessing stocks of PPE from their usual suppliers due to increased demand and supply chain issues.

While adult social care providers are independent businesses, they are vital partners in the delivery of services to vulnerable people. The Department of Health and Social Care is beginning the free distribution of fluid repellent facemasks from the pandemic flu stock from Wednesday 18 March, with every care home and home care provider receiving at least 300 facemasks. They anticipate the distribution will be complete by next Tuesday, 24 March. These are designed for use with diagnosed or symptomatic cases not use with every client.

This is aimed at tiding over the initial rise in demand following the change of guidance on facemasks last week. Providers are not required to take action; the stock will be delivered to them.

The Dept of Health and Social Care is working rapidly with wholesalers to ensure a longer-term supply of all aspects of PPE, including gloves, aprons, facemasks and hand sanitiser. For future PPE requirements, care providers should order PPE from their usual suppliers.

If care providers have immediate concerns overs their supply of PPE, there is now a dedicated line for you, and you should contact the National Supply Disruption Line directly.
The National Supply Disruption line (30/3)

The National Supply Disruption line
Tel: 0800 915 9964

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