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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Care homes


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Care homes

This page includes information and signposting specially for care home settings and movement in and out of homes. Additional general guidance can be found on infection prevention control, reporting COVID-19 cases.

This page includes information on the following:

  • Taking new admissions
  • Visiting arrangements
  • Residents returning from hospital

Please click these links to find out further information about vaccination, infection prevention control and reporting COVID-19 cases.

Movement in and out of care homes

New admissions

Previously, when a care home was in outbreak, the Community Services Manager (CSM) would complete a risk assessment and make a decision for each prospective resident.

From this point forward, the CSM will only be involved in the decision-making if a Provider Support Meeting (previously Outbreak Control Meeting OCT) is in place (and this would usually be where there is an exceptionally serious or escalating outbreak) or the provider asks for advice. In all other situations the care home manager will be responsible for making the decisions as to whether they can safely meet the needs of a prospective resident whilst the home is in outbreak.

This placement risk assessment checklist helps support care home managers with understanding the factors they should consider. Managers may wish to keep a record of the risk assessment.

Please do continue to contact the Community Health and Social Care Team or Devon Public Health if there are situations where you consider that advice would be helpful in supporting safe decisions.

Visiting arrangements in care homes

Contact with relatives and friends is important for residents’ health and wellbeing. However, it is important that any visitor follows the IPC processes put in place by the care home, including practicing hand hygiene and wearing appropriate PPE, and to not enter the home if they are feeling unwell. For further details, please read the latest guidance in visiting arrangements in care homes.

Residents returning to care homes following admission or visit to hospital

The latest discharge from hospital into a care home is available on the government’s website.

COVID-19 Oximetry at Home (CO@h)CO@h

CO@h is a service for adults likely to experience worsening or life-threatening hypoxia and it is available for people in care homes and their own homes. This information for care homes contains a quick reference guide and monitoring log sheet.

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