Wilder Farming for Wider Gains

Farm Wilder’s mission is to work with farmers to support their transition to regenerative and wildlife friendly agricultural practices. When land is managed regeneratively, it allows the natural landscape to flourish, promoting biodiversity and storing carbon in the soil. Livestock are a part of Devon’s ecosystem, and by adopting specific methods, farmers act as stewards of our natural environment.

Farm Wilder also recognised the growing demand for sustainable, ethically produced meat. They work with butchers, restaurants, and meal delivery boxes to provide high quality, environmentally friendly meat to consumers. Additionally, they have partnerships with recipe developers and chefs to create hybrid meat products that use less popular cuts and supplement them with nutrient rich alternative proteins.

The grant is supporting Farm Wilder in the scale up of its operations across the supply chain. As a small Community Interest Company, their impact was limited by a lack of capacity as they were unable to form new partnerships. With Green Innovation funding, they have hired new staff, delivered additional training workshops to farmers, and cultivated new supplier relationships.

So far, the grant has created 120 training places for 35 agricultural businesses across a range of workshops, including silvopasture and grassland ecology. By the end of the project, 2300 hectares of land are forecast to be farmed regeneratively, sequestering 9820 tonnes of carbon each year.