Recycling Used EV Batteries

Altilitech Ltd has created a new Devon Recycling Centre based in Tavistock. This laboratory space has been set up to implement the company’s patented, novel method of recycling electric vehicle batteries. From January, the demonstration line will be operational and start the process of spent batteries.

Electrification is a key part of the Net Zero transition, but it requires critical metals, such as lithium, which are in limited supply and destructive to mine. Additionally, EV batteries have a limited lifespan, and create hazardous waste once no longer fit for purpose.

The technique developed by Altilitech recovers these materials at a high quality; enabling their reuse in new batteries. These keeps resources circulating in the local economy, reducing the need for mining and waste going to landfill.

The Recycling Centre has created several new, highly-skilled jobs in West Devon in the engineering and low carbon sectors. The grant has enabled Altilitech to scale rapidly, expand their team, and upskill their staff.

This project was the subject of a case study for the Local Government Association’s Pass the Planet Campaign.