Marine Zero Emission Propulsion

EVParts Ltd, an engineering technology company based in llfracombe, are using Green Innovation Funding to create a marine certified energy storage system. They have experience in developing electric batteries to power both motorsport and leisure vehicles and were part of the team who created the eVoyager, the UK’s first electric ferry.

Enabling clean mobility is a key part of the Net Zero transition, with transportation methods across land, air, and sea all needing to decarbonise. The electrification of boats presents a unique set of challenges, as batteries require rigorous testing to ensure they are safe for use in a marine environment.

The grant is supporting the development and certification of the energy storage system; the first of its kind in the UK. EVParts will fit a prototype vessel with the battery to demonstrate the benefits and great potential of using electrically propelled vehicles in the marine industry.

There are significant co-benefits to transitioning away from the use of diesel in marine propulsion. These include improved water quality, promotion of marine life, and reducing noise pollution.