Circular Carbon Project

The Circular Carbon Project is Bird Eyewear’s three-pronged approach to improving their environmental impact and sharing this process with consumers and other business leaders.

Already a certified B Corp and pioneer in sustainable eyewear, the company is expanding their offerings to include a zero-waste case made from refuse material produced within Devon. This reduces the amount going to landfill and reconceptualises the notion of ‘waste’ by showcasing its utility in creating new products. A key part of the Net Zero transition is the creation of a circular economy, this project is extending the life of resources and providing them with additional value.

The second aspect of the project is a digital build, set to launch in early 2023. This website will allow consumers to see the precise environmental impact of the products they are browsing, including their carbon footprint and how the materials are sourced. Providing this information to customers enables greater understanding of the resources and carbon emissions created in the retail industry, encouraging behavioural changes and demonstrating how purchasing power can be used in the fight against climate change.

This aspect of the project is supported by an outreach programme embarked upon by the founders of the company. Speaking engagements in a variety of settings including Chambers of Commerce, B Corp events, and schools, have distributed the knowledge and learning gained by Bird Eyewear to support others in starting their sustainability journey.

The final strand to the project is a partnership between Devon Wildlife Trust and Bird Eyewear to bring forward new sites for tree planting and agroforestry. The creation of carbon offsets within the County allows Devon to retain the co-benefits of afforestation, and offers a chance for local communities to engage with the project. By working with the Devon Wildlife Trust, the almost 10,000 trees planted over the winter months will be placed in alignment with other nature-based solutions to ensure they produce the widest possible benefit.