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Apprenticeship levy transfer

Transferring apprenticeship levy funds to other employers

The apprenticeship levy is already giving employers like Devon County Council a real opportunity to invest in high-quality training, helping to grow our business and get the skilled workforce we need to thrive and succeed.

Through the apprenticeship levy transfer arrangement, we can work in partnership with other employers, supporting them to take on new apprentices and to develop existing employees, by funding apprenticeship training and assessment.

We would like to use apprenticeship levy transfer arrangements to help us meet our strategic priorities, including:

  • supporting local employers to boost local skills, build sustainability within the local workforce and improve economic growth
  • helping to widen the supply of apprenticeship training provision, particularly in areas of need and where there are gaps in provision
  • directing levy funds to meet local need and reduce the risk of losing some of our levy funds to the government
  • demonstrating that we are taking an active role as a local authority and community lead in skills growth and the use of apprenticeships to support this

Who can receive transferred funds?

The Council recognises that there are potentially many local organisations in our supply chain who will want to work with us to receive transferred levy funds to build workforce capability and fund apprenticeship training and assessment.

We can only transfer up to a maximum of 25% of its levy funds per annum and have decided to therefore prioritise the transfer of funds as follows:

  • To support organisations that deliver services to the most vulnerable in society and where evidence shows that there is the most need to build workforce capability. These organisations include adult care providers and residential providers for Children’s Services.
  • To prioritise requests from the organisations stated above where those organisations are also committed to working with us to offer apprenticeship placement opportunities for particular societal groups such as people with learning disabilities and care experienced young people.
  • To prioritise requests from particular geographical areas, where evidence shows that there is the most need to build workforce capability.
  • To give priority to non-levy paying employers in the first instance.

From November 2021, we will be using the new government ‘Pledge’ function to allocate our levy transfer allowance to organisations. You can find details of our current pledges along with guidance on the scheme here.

All businesses will need an apprenticeship service account to apply to be considered to receive a transfer of levy funds to fund an apprenticeship.