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Devon Place Board Minutes – 24th January 2024


Melanie Sealey (Chair), Keir Duffin, Alison Hayward, Andrew Wood, Chris Brook, Chris Fuller, David Carter, Dan James, Dave Bartram, Dominie Dunbrook, Heather Hillman, Jamie Evans, Paul Britton, Richard Marsh, Sally Royle, Sarah Jane Mackenzie-Shapland, Victoria Hatfield, Zoe Lentell, Hannah Keyte (Minutes)


Adrian Welsh, Andrew Elliot, Chris Shears, David Boocock, Jamie Hulland, Josie Gough, Neil Blaney, Sean Kearney, Tim Child

1. Financing Net Zero – Fast Followers Project Update

Mark Burton presented on the Fast Followers project funded by Innovate UK. This is a Devon wide co-ordinated bid and runs to the end of June 2025.

Mark Burton offered to help and support any districts with net zero projects currently underway.

Discussions around potential collaboration on various projects. Need identified for a register of projects to be collated.

ACTION: Mark Burton to follow up with Districts to explore this further.

2. UKSPF Update

As part of the People and Skills proposal, DCC have created an offer to support a Skills and Employment Hub which will be compliant with SPF requirements and mapped against SPF outputs and outcomes.

Offers have been sent to all districts. Conversations have taken place with Mid Devon, North Devon, East Devon and Exeter.

ACTION: Districts to consider this offer and express interest to Mirela Doana by the end of the month.

3. Devolution Update

Devolution Deal is progressing and hopeful to announce the deal soon.

4. DLUHC Update

Sally Royle provided a general overview of DLUHC information.

5. Benchmarking – Minehead Somerset / Devon Urban Renewal

Keir Duffin provided an update on next steps for benchmarking which included undertaking mid-year review with Minehead.

6. Any other business

No district updates or AOB.

Future Meeting Dates

Wednesday 17th April 11am

Wednesday 24th July 3pm

Wednesday 23rd October 3pm