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How much funding could I receive?

Grants of between £5,000 and £20,000 are available as a contribution towards overall project costs. This does not include the matched funding for your project. You will need to have matched funding in place at the point of application for grant funding.

You can apply for up to 75% of your eligible revenue project costs. You will need to contribute 25% of the project costs. You will also need to be able to cashflow the full costs of the project as grant awards are paid in arrears upon receipt of proof of defrayal.

What can I use the funding for?

The funding can be for revenue costs.

Revenue costs include things like staff costs, service charges, rent, utility bills, advertising and promotion.

Further examples include painting, decorating, non-structural repairs, office moves, regular contract charges to maintain access or service and on-going running costs.

Points that often need extra clarification:

  • Websites – this is revenue unless it can be shown that major one-off bespoke work is needed to implement.
  • Cloud infrastructure – this is revenue unless a binding contract can be demonstrated to give Devon County Council control beyond a year.
  • Training – this is revenue. The development of staff is a running cost.
  • Leases – generally revenue but may in some cases be a classed as a capital expenditure – we will determine this on a case by case basis. We may need to see a copy of your lease and will request it if required.

What should my project be?

The details of your project are up to you. Be as creative, innovative and exciting as you like! Your project must contribute to the Doing What Matters strategic aim.

When can I apply?

The programme is open for expressions of interest from 8 May 2019.

EOIs can be submitted at any time. Following a successful EOI you will be invited to submit a full application (FA).

How long does the programme run for?

There is no deadline before which your proposed costs must fall. We request that all projects run for a maximum of 12 months.


The Grant Scheme is to fund projects that will achieve the strategic aim of the Doing What Matters Grants Fund.

Strategic aim:

In line with DCC’s strategic priorities and challenges, the focus of the 2019/20 Doing What Matters Community Grant Fund is connecting people in a positive, fulfilling and inclusive way; tackling and reducing loneliness and undesired isolation in all their forms and across all age groups.

The Council intends the fund to be utilised for bids which help:

  • to build relationships and connections locally, across all age groups
  • people become more physically active
  • people take notice of their local environment
  • to develop opportunities for culture, creativity or learning
  • to support giving across local people and communities, including volunteering
  • to make people feel safer locally

Make sure you plan your project and application around this aim.

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