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Guide: Making a Complaint about a Devon County Councillor

Part 4

How should I set out my complaint?

It is very important that you set your complaint out fully and clearly and provide all the information at the outset. You should also provide any documents or other material that you believe is relevant and wish to be considered, wherever possible.

We recommend that you use our complaint form or provide a covering note summarising what you are complaining about, especially if your complaint includes a lot of supporting documentation.

In the summary you should tell us exactly what each county councillor you are complaining about said or did that has caused you to complain.

If you are sending supporting documentation please cross-reference it in the summary of your complaint.

You should be as specific as possible and substantiate your complaint where you can, to demonstrate why you believe that the councillor(s) complained about has breached the code of conduct.

It is very important that you set your complaint out clearly and provide at the outset all the information you wish the Council to consider. The monitoring officer may need to contact you to seek clarification of your complaint but this will not, hopefully, delay consideration of your complaint.