Locality budgets

Each of our county councillors has an annual locality budget fund of £10,000 that they can use to respond to local needs within any financial year (April to March).

Councillors can, if they wish, make grants to support projects or activities that benefit the communities they represent.

What are we able to fund?

Due to the diverse nature of Devon’s communities, it is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of eligible projects. However, there is some general guidance below.

Locality budget funding is available to projects that are beneficial to local communities and should be in line with the Council’s objectives and priorities. All projects should include some other financial contribution(s) and/or local support.

We are unable to fund:

  • retrospective applications for projects or activities that have already completed, or items that have been purchased
  • individuals and/or for-private-profit organisations
  • projects that are solely for the benefit of animals
  • projects that are in support of a single faith
  • projects or items that are the responsibility of another public body (e.g. NHS, Church of England). This includes fabric repairs to church buildings (also clock faces, bells), church yards and cemetery walls
  • projects that are delegating any acquired funds to third parties
  • on-going yearly commitments, unless specifically agreed by the Cabinet in advance
  • projects to reinstate funding relating to a reduction in a County Council service or activity arising from an earlier policy decision of the County Council or other public body, with some exceptions
  • political activities
  • salaries, wages, or expenses of persons employed by a not-for-private-profit organisation
  • the costs of an outing, trip, holiday or excursion by an individual or group of people; with some exceptions for groups where learning and development will arise

Who can apply?

Applications are accepted from constituted and not-for-private-profit voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector groups and organisations, town and parish councils, charities or businesses (who have an eligible sponsor), or a combination of such groups working together.

Non-constituted groups without their own, separate bank account, small local businesses and individuals may apply but they will need to do so with the support of an accountable constituted organisation acting on their behalf as sponsor/guarantor and as the recipient of the grant. If you fall into this category, organisations that DCC would accept as guarantor or fund holder include:

  • town or parish councils
  • local community and voluntary services organisation (CVS)
  • village hall
  • another constituted local voluntary group that qualifies

How to apply

To discuss a locality budget fund application, you should contact your local county councillor in the first instance.

Once your local councillor has confirmed their intent to support your project, please fill out the online application form.

Please note: your local councillor’s pledge is an in principle agreement and should not be regarded as a commitment until such time as the application has been processed and you are notified of the outcome. We will contact you if we require further information regarding your application.

Successful applications may take up to 28 working days to be processed. Applicants are therefore advised to bear this in mind when making an application to the fund.

If you are successful in getting funding for your idea/initiative, we will ask you for some feedback on how your project went by the end of the financial year. We will require:

  • details of approximately how many people benefited from the funding and how
  • details of the amount of any other match funding you received towards the project

Please note, we may request copies of related invoices and receipts so please retain these for three years. Additionally, if your project does not go ahead we will require any funding to be returned.


Is your project suitable for crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is all about promoting your proposal or idea to the wider crowd. Telling the crowd about your proposal, the reasons for it and the amount of funds you are trying to raise, and then seeing if they think your proposal is something that really matters to them, and which they are prepared to back financially.

Explore the possibilities that crowdfunding might open up for your project by visiting Crowdfund Devon for further information and resources to support you with crowdfunding. Crowdfund Devon, is a new crowdfunding site being piloted in partnership with several district/city councils, the Devon & Cornwall Police and Crowdfunder.

Further information

If you need any more information please contact locality.budgets@devon.gov.uk.