Honorary Aldermen


Under section 249 of the Local Government Act 1972, the council is able to confer the title of honorary alderman on “persons who have, in the opinion of the council, rendered eminent services to the council as past members”.

What it means

The position of Honorary Alderman is open to any person who, in the eyes of the council, has given eminent service to the area in a public position. The position does not entitle the holders to any special privileges, but does enable them to attend civic functions or Council meetings.

Honorary Alderman don’t have the right to influence meetings of the Council or a committee of the Council and neither do they receive any allowance or other payment under the Members’ Allowance Scheme.

Who are the Alderman for Devon County Council

The following former councillors currently hold the title of Honorary Alderman of Devon County Council:

  • Alderman Mr B Hughes OBE
  • Alderman W.G. Cann
  • Alderman Sir Simon Day
  • Alderman Lt Col A. Drake DL
  • Alderman Mrs O Foggin
  • Alderman J.P. Halse
  • Alderman Mrs K.M. Hill
  • Alderman M.H. Knight
  • Alderman M.R. Lee
  • Alderman Mrs C.M. Marsh
  • Alderman Mr A Moulding
  • Alderman Mrs J Owen
  • Alderman J.T. Pennington
  • Alderman J. Rawlinson
  • Alderman D.W.J. Spear
  • Alderman Mrs S.M. Spence CBE
  • Alderman D.J. Stark
  • Alderman Mrs M.I. Strudwick
  • Alderman Mrs B. Taylor
  • Alderman Mr R Westlake MBE
  • Alderman Mrs E Wragg