Political make-up

The political make-up of the Council

There are 60 county councillors (also known as members) that were elected in May 2017 by those eligible to vote in elections. The County Council Elections take place every four years, so the next Election will take place in 2021.

You can the results of the 2017 Elections here and also the results from the elections of 2 May 2013 here.

The political composition of the Council is as follows:

  • Conservative 42
  • Liberal Democrat 6
  • Labour 7
  • Independent 2
  • Independent East Devon Alliance 1
  • Green 1
  • North Devon Liberal 1

Each councillor represents the people within an area known as an ‘electoral division’. Councillors have a number of distinct roles, namely:

  • making policy and other decisions relating to the services for which, collectively, they are responsible
  • looking after the interests of local people in their electoral division
  • representing the Council at local, regional national and possibly European level.

You can search and find your county councillor online.