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Passionate about improving children's life chances? Join us and make sure that every Devon child, no matter where they live, receives the same high-quality service.

3,425 children in receipt of a social work service

684 children in care

450 children subject to child protection plans

1875 families successfully supported by early help

Working with children and families

We have a set of principles which underpin the delivery of our children’s services in Devon. We believe that children are best brought up in families and we will support families to find their own solutions. Services are shaped by all and children and families always know where they stand with us.

We want every child to receive the best education possible to shape their future. Our teachers, schools support employees and central education and learning teams, are all dedicated to providing excellent services to pupils to make a real difference to their lives. We also maintain the full range of public health nursing services and provide children and young people with the best care possible.

Career development is at the heart of what we do. We are after motivated, aspirational staff who have the drive to develop and progress in their role. For this reason, we offer excellent training and professional development opportunities.

Fulfilling children and young peoples’ mental, physical, social and emotional needs

Ensuring that children are the focus of our work and their voices must be central and heard in the work we do

Ensuring that outcomes meet the children's safeguarding needs

Why I enjoy working for Devon