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Hannah D

Job title: Experienced Social Worker – newly qualified (assessed and supported year in employment)

Area of work: Children and families

From the day I realised I wanted to become a social worker, I knew I wanted to work for Devon County Council. So I completed my ASYE in May 2022 here with Devon County Council.

For my ASYE, I wanted to work within the Children’s and Families team, developing relationships with children, young people and their families, as that’s the area I wanted to work in longer-term.

The ASYE guidelines, group sessions, mentoring, supervision, and smaller caseload allowed me to develop my confidence, skills, and knowledge. The gradual increase in cases worked well for me, so I can now manage a higher caseload. In addition, I could use my protected time for my portfolio, which allowed me to critically reflect on my work with children and their families. I also really enjoyed being part of a supportive, restorative team that cares about the work we do.

Challenges were present over the year. However, reflecting on this, these challenges supported me in getting to where I am today. I have learnt how to be clear with my professional boundaries, challenge and support and manage my own well-being – all vital in a social work role.

After completing my ASYE, I decided to remain with Devon County Council, as an Experienced Social Worker, within the same team. I want to commit to the children and families in Devon and provide some consistency during this time of uncertainty. There is still so much to learn!