cycling[1]Cycling is a popular way for families and individuals to explore the Country Park, but the towpath is only suitable for leisurely riding, due to the narrow width of the path and the large numbers of pedestrians, dog-walkers and anglers who share the space.  Cyclists looking to ride quickly are asked to find alternative routes.

The towpath is generally flat and smooth, but cyclists are advised to dismount and walk at Waytown Tunnel where the slope is quite steep.

Cyclists must dismount and walk under bridges where indicated by signs and must give way to  the horse pulling the passenger barge at all times.  If you wish to overtake the horse, wait until the horseman indicates it is safe to do so.

Cyclists wait for the horse pulling the passenger barge to pass

Cyclists must also give way to pedestrians and ensure they are aware of your approach by using a bell or by calling ahead before you pass. Please be patient with anglers using extendable fishing poles.

The Country Park is primarily for quiet and relaxing recreation for all users, so please cycle steadily and responsibly. To encourage safer and more considerate use of the towpath by cyclists, walkers and anglers the Grand Western Canal Country Park Ranger Service promotes a Towpath Code of Conduct. The code explains the behaviour expected of all towpath users and reminds people that horse riding and motorcycle use are not permitted on the towpath.

Electric bikes

electric bikeElectric bikes must meet the following criteria in order to have the same legal standing as regular non-assisted bikes and to be allowed on roads, bike paths and other places (including canal towpaths) where bicycles are allowed under UK law:

• Electric assistance can only be provided to a maximum of 25km/h (15.5mph)
• The motor used must be of no more than 250 watts (maximum continuous rated power)
• The bikes pedals must be in motion for motor assistance to be provided
• The rider must be 14 years of age or over

Electric bikes which do not meet these criteria are not allowed on the Grand Western Canal Country Park towpath.

Cycle hire

Cycle hire is available from Abbotshood Cycle Hire which is now located at The Globe Inn, beside the Canal in Sampford Peverell.

Circular cycle routes

Circular routes are possible using the surrounding minor road network and the disused railway line between Tiverton and Manley Lane. For more information about cycle routes in the area please contact:

Tiverton Tourist Information Centre
Tel: 01884 230878

The National Cycle Network Route 3 follows much of the Canal. For more information on this please contact:

Tel: 0117 926 8893