School visits

The Grand Western Canal Country Park and local nature reserve is an excellent site for school visits. The Country Park provides a variety of educational opportunities for groups of all ages and abilities.

Activities for primary schools

Pond dipping

Pond dipping

Aim: Use nets to collect a range of freshwater species, use keys to identify them and learn about their lifecycles, adaptations and feeding relationships.

This can include (some/all of):

  • identification of creatures using keys
  • counting and tallying numbers of each species
  • food chains and webs
  • lifecycles of different species
  • effects of pollution on pond life

Minibeast hunting

West Hill Primary School looking for minibeasts along the towpath

Aim: Use different methods to collect and identify a range of invertebrates and learn about their lifecycles and feeding relationships

This can include (some/all of):

  • identification of minibeasts using keys
  • classification of minibeasts into different groups
  • body parts and functions
  • comparing minibeasts along hedgerow and grasslands using different sampling methods
  • camouflage games
  • food chains and webs
  • lifecycles of different species
  • natural artwork, using natural materials to create pictures of minibeasts

Tree walk along the towpath

Blundell's Prep School on a Tree Walk

Aim: to appreciate the diversity of plant life and learn to identify different types of trees that we have within the park.

This can include (some/all of):

  • 3 mile walk along the towpath
  • identification of plants and animals
  • sensory games and activities
  • food chains and webs
  • history of the park

Activities for secondary schools

All topics mentioned above can be adapted to suit a secondary school visit.

What is the cost?

For ranger-led school visits:

Half day Full day
£1 per pupil (Devon County Council (DCC) schools) £2.00 per pupil (DCC schools)
£1.50 per pupil (non DCC schools) £2.50 per pupil (non DCC schools)
1 adult per 8 pupils (required): Free 1 adult per 8 pupils (required): Free

How do I book?

Please call the Rangers Service on 01884 254072 or email

Extra information

  • Ideal group size is between 15 – 35 children
  • Schools are responsible for the supervision and discipline of the children at all times
  • Ratio of adults to children should be 1:8, and therefore it would be helpful if extra staff or parents could join the group
  • A risk assessment is available for teachers and parents to read and each activity will start with a brief talk about health and safety
  • The Ranger leading the activities is a qualified first aider and will also be carrying a first aid kit, safety throw line and a mobile phone.
  • We will provide all the necessary equipment including clipboards and worksheets. Each child should come equipped with waterproof clothing, stout shoes or wellingtons, sun hat and sun cream in summer.

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