Boating on the canal

A barge on the Canal. Photo taken by Peter Sluman

Boating is recognised as an important leisure activity in the Country Park, and since early 2003, has been positively promoted as an attraction. Until then, very little motorised boating has occurred on the canal but in recent years improved facilities such as boat hire, moorings, slipway, pump out and water supply points, plus an extensive dredging programme, has meant that it is an increasingly attractive proposition for many boaters seeking a peaceful, lock-free waterway. More about boating on the Canal >


Cycling is becoming a popular way for families and individuals to explore the Country Park. More about cycling >


man fishing by Greenway The Grand Western Canal provides a quiet and relaxing venue with a good range of coarse angling opportunities. Of particular note are the summer Tench and winter Pike and Perch fishing. An excellent mixed fishery with above average stocking levels, means that the Canal presents a good challenge to anglers of all abilities with plenty of opportunities to find a quiet spot and enjoy the peace and tranquillity. Angling platforms, are located at various points through the park, allowing suitable, safe access for the less-abled  angler. More about fishing >


The Country Park is a popular place to enjoy a flat, easy walk in the countryside. You have the opportunity to stroll near settlements and services or to get away from it all and explore the quieter sections at the northern end of the Canal. The Canal towpath is a public right of way that runs beside the Canal for the full eleven and a quarter miles. The towpath has been extensively resurfaced. Access points are located throughout the length of the Country Park. Several circular walks incorporating the towpath and the local footpath network are possible. More about walking >


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