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Guide: A guide to committee meetings

Part 1

The County Council

The County Council is made up of 60 County Councillors (known as Members) whom you elect every four years. The County Council is the overall policymaking body, although a great deal of the detailed work is left to Committees or in some cases smaller groups of members.

The Council meets 5 times a year, at County Hall, Exeter. Meetings of the full Council are held to consider and approve the decisions or recommendations of Committees. The County Council is responsible for setting the overall policy framework and for deciding the level of each year’s Council Tax.

The Council meeting in February also agrees the budget and sets the Council Tax for the following year. Meetings of the County Council are held in the Council Chamber at  County Hall. The meetings are quite structured with each member having their own seat.

A seating plan is published with the agenda so that you can see who is who. Copies of the agenda and order paper that list the matters to be discussed are available at the meeting.

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