How we do things

Information Description Frequency of publication Details of Charges
Access to information complaints procedure How to complain about our handling of an information request you have made Annual No charge
Adult social care Supporting independence and care for adults As required No charge
Anti-fraud and corruption policy The Council’s policy on tackling fraud and corruption Annual No charge
Childrens social care Policies and procedures for all aspects of childrens social care As required No charge
Charging regimes and policies Charges for certain types of information Annual No charge


How the Council is structured


Annual No charge


Customer Feedback Policy



How we will handle complaints from the public


Annual No charge


Devon Structure Plan


Landscape policy and advice Annual No charge


Education Transport



Policies on how the Council will transport children to school


Annual No charge


Environmental Policy



Our commitment to the environment


Annual No charge


Equality and  diversity



Our policies on tackling inequality in the work place


Annual No charge
Equality policy The Council’s equality policy Annual No charge
European Policy


Our approach to acquiring European funding


As required No charge
Fair access to care services


Eligibility criteria for accessing Care services


Annual No charge
Financial Regulations


The regulations which govern the financial management of the council


Annual No charge
Flood risk management


How we manage Flood Risk


As required No charge
Highways fees and charges  Licences, on street pay and display, parking permits, public rights of way, road closures As required See website
Historic records conservation How the Council will preserve historic records Annual No charge
Information security How we protect your personal data As required No charge
Jobs and careers


All current jobs advertised by the Council and other third parties


As required No charge


Library acceptable use of IT policy



The Council’s acceptable use policy for computers in libraries


Annual No charge
Local Transport Plan


How the Council will manage the transport network in Devon


Annual No charge
Maps Map based information on a range of council services As required No charge


Officer employment procedure rules 



The rules governing the recruitment of chief officers


Annual No charge
Pay bills Options available to you fay paying bills to us As required As necessary
Pay for care Most people have to pay something towards the cost of their care and support services depending on the outcome of a financial assessment. This is a proportionate and fair assessment of your financial circumstances which won’t charge you more than you can afford to pay. As required As necessary
Pay online How to make a payment for a service provided or organised by us , some services can be paid for online via credit or debit card. As required As necessary
Pay Policy Remuneration of all officers As required No charge

Plastics Strategy 

Single Use Plastics 

The Cup Stops Here – staff update 

Plastics and single use plastics

How we will support the work of the Plastic Pollution Coalition

As required No charge

Safeguarding adults policy


How the Council ensures its safeguarding procedures adhere to national policy


Annual No charge

School admissions policy



Details of how the Council will decide on School   admissions applications


Annual No charge
Social care and health policies


Information on the Council’s Social Care policies


Annual No charge
Strategies Published strategies for a range of council services As required No charge
Trade Waste Disposal Compostable garden waste and cardboard As required See website
Trading Standards charges Weights and measures, petroleum licensing and others As required See webpage


Traffic management policies


Devon and Torbay Local Transport Management Plan 2 2011 – 2026 As required No charge
Whistleblowing policy


How the Council will respond to whistleblowing


As required No charge