Audit and inspection

For audit of accounts from 2018/19, Devon County Council has opted into the arrangement that Public Sector Audit Appointments Limited (PSAA) will appoint the Council’s external auditors. More information at Notice of appointment of auditor from 2018/19. Each year the external auditor issues an annual audit letter summarising the key messages arising from the audit.

We also carry out internal audit with Devon Audit Partnership to ensure that statutory financial responsibilities are achieved, and to assist managers in the effective delivery of services, seeking to ensure value for money. We maintain close cooperation with the external auditor to reduce overall audit costs.

Statement of accounts

Independent audit report

Inspection of accounts

By law, we have to make our accounts available to the public for inspection for a period of 30 working days.

You have a right to inspect the council’s accounts. Electors may also ask questions about, or challenge, the accounts.

The inspection period would normally have to include the first 10 working days of June. However, in anticipation of the potential disruption to local authorities caused by the spread of coronavirus, Parliament has extended the deadline for the publication of 2019/20 annual accounts. The inspection period must commence on or before the first working day of September in 2020.

A notice will be issued nearer the time that the unaudited Statement of Accounts is ready to be published.

If you wish to inspect our accounts during this period of 30 days we will arrange for you to view them within our premises at County Hall, Exeter. To arrange a viewing please email or call 01392 381310.

The National Audit Office provides Council accounts – a guide to your rights where you will find more information.

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