Our priorities and performance

Information Description Frequency of publication Details of Charges
Audit and inspection reports The annual audit inspection of accounts Annual No charge

Climate change

Devon Carbon Plan

Energy and Climate Change 

Declaration of a climate emergency, committing to a reduction of carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050 at the latest and collaboration with other organisations to respond to the Devon Climate Emergency. As required. No charge
Conducting Council business  -Constitution How the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which ensure they are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people. Some parts are prescribed by law, others are discretionary or have evolved in light of experience. As required No charge
Corporate Peer Challenge Local Government Association (LGA) in 2016 As required No charge
Council performance Pages 14 to 23 of the “Unaudited Statement of Accounts and Annual Governance Statement 2018/2019” As required No charge
Customer Feedback Summaries of customer feedback about the Council and our commissioned services, including complaints, compliments, MP Enquiries and Representations. As required No charge
Cyber Security How we protect your personal data in our IT infrastructure As required No charge
Data Protection How we comply with legislation and uphold your rights As required No charge
Digital Devon Doing what matters for the people of Devon As required No charge
Devon Economic Strategy How the Council is working to deliver economic growth As required No charge
Devonomics Data and intelligence on topics relevant to the Devon economy and reports and publications which form the evidence base for Devon’s Economic Assessment. As required No charge
Facts and figures about Devon Statistics about Devon and its communities As required No charge
Forward Plan Key decisions taken by the Council democratic committees Annual No charge
Health and Wellbeing Library Needs assessments, strategies, equity audits, and other documents relevant to health and wellbeing in Devon. As required No charge
Impact Assessments Completed assessments from 2007 to date As required No charge

Data Protection Policy 

Information, Media and Equipment Disposal Policy 

Record Retention Schedule 

Security Incident Management 

Records management and data protection

How long we keep records and protect your personal data

As required No charge

Devon Jobs 


Health and Safety 

Recruitment and employment

Vacancies, equality and health and safety

As required No charge
Road safety How the Council is working to improve road safety As required No charge
Safer communities Statistical information concerning Devon communities Annual No charge
Smarter Devon As an organisation we want to make good decisions based on sound evidence and intelligence. As required No charge
Strategic Plan Devon County Council’s Strategic Plan Annual No charge
Strategic Planning and Policy Devon County Council has a local and national role As required No charge
Strategies developed in partnership with other local authorities Joint arrangements including scope and terms of reference As required No charge
Vision for Change To help us build a Devon where we all live our lives well, we want to understand what life really feels like for the people of Devon. We’re thinking differently, asking questions about how we’ve always done things, and learning how we can constantly change to really make a difference to people’s lives and do what matters. As required No charge