Publication scheme

We are committed to the principles of openness and transparency, and aims to make as much information as possible available to the public via our website.

This publication scheme outlines the various classes of information that we will make available, and provides further details on how this information can be accessed.

Area of information Type of information
Who we are and what we do Information in this class includes; Council constitution, Council structure, Directorate structure, location and contact details of Council properties, councillors, election results, Partnerships
What we spend and how we spend it Information in this class includes; budgets, capital programmes, allowances, pay and grading structures, election expenses, procurement policies financial regulation, funding
What our priorities are and how we are doing Information in this class includes; annual reports, strategies, business plans, performance, inspections, standards, Local Area Agreements, statistics
How we make decisions Information in this class includes; timetables, agendas and meetings, policy proposals, consultations, procedures
Our policies and procedures Information in this class includes; equality, financial  regulations, safeguarding adults, school admissions, service delivery, recruitment and employment, customer service, charging, whistleblowing.
Lists and registers Information in this class includes; births, marriages and deaths, contracts, councillors’ financial interests, footpaths and traffic orders
Services provided by the Council Information in this class includes; regulatory and licensing responsibilities, services for the public, services for businesses and other organisations, visitor information, advice and guidance, media releases, election information
Freedom of Information Disclosure Log Previous requests made and responses we have given under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations