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School and college transport

For information on travelling to school or college during the coronavirus pandemic please read through our guidance

Free school transport

The legal responsibility for ensuring that a child attends school rests with the parents. You can request a place at any school for your child, but your child may not necessarily be entitled to free school transport.

It is very important that you check whether your child will be entitled. If they are not, you will need to think carefully about how your child is going to get to the school you prefer for the whole time they will be there.

Your child will be entitled to free transport if they attend the nearest school to your home address and they:

  • are of statutory school age
  • live more than two miles away by the shortest walking route (for primary)
  • live more than three miles away by the shortest walking route (for secondary)

Your child will also be entitled to free school transport to the school designated to serve your home address provided it is still further than the statutory walking distance (see above).

You can find out which school serves your home address at School designated areas.

If you already know that your child is not entitled to free travel you may be able to get transport through our concessionary seats scheme.

Contact us

If you would like to enquire about transport entitlement or have a comment or concern about the operation of your child’s transport please email the School Transport Service at

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