Challenging inequality and celebrating diversity at work

Unfair or unlawful discrimination in employment not only disadvantages an individual who may be denied a job or access to vocational training, the organisation also denies itself access to the widest pool of talent available.

Devon County Council expects staff and elected members to recruit and employ people fairly. This means that we can all share the benefits – such as increased motivation, lower turnover of staff and access to wider markets that a diverse workforce and effective equality policy can bring.

Throughout our work, we are committed to:

  • reflecting, as far as possible, the diversity of the community it serves and to promoting equality of opportunity for everyone
  • taking positive action to advance equality of opportunity policy in the workplace
  • eliminating discrimination at work on the grounds of:
    • age, disability, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, national origin or race, gender or gender identity, HIV status, marital status, religion or belief, responsibility for dependants, sexual orientation, and unrelated criminal convictions.

It is the responsibility of every employee of the council to uphold and implement the Council’s Equality Policy and it is the responsibility of each individual manager, at all levels, to plan and provide their services to meet our equality policy and objectives.

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Devon County Council operates a job evaluation scheme to ensure that pay and grading are fairly and appropriately implemented. If you are an existing employee you can find out more at Job evaluation.

Workforce data is published annually at Staff Profile.