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Devon County Council's Recycling Centres are provided for householders to dispose of their bulky household waste.

For further information on your nearest Recycling Centre (e.g. opening times, acceptable material types etc), either:-

Select your nearest Recycling Centre on the interactive Recycling Centres map, or select a Recycling Centre from the list below.

Commercial/business waste is not accepted at Recycling Centres, except for garden waste and cardboard which is chargeable (see Commercial/business Waste and Recycling).

Please ensure that your waste is already separated before arriving at the site.

If you are unable to access a Recycling Centre for any reason, a special collection of bulky household waste from your property can be arranged. Please contact your local district/city council for further details.

Reasonable assistance will be provided at Recycling Centres when requested; however site staff are unable to lift excessively heavy and/or awkward loads. For example, if a bulky/heavy item required 2 or more persons to initially load the vehicle then it will be expected that the same amount of people arrive to help unload the vehicle once on site.

As the Waste Disposal Authority, Devon County Council provides Recycling Centre facilities for its customers resident within Devon's authority area (this excludes Plymouth City Council and Torbay Borough Council areas).

There is no entitlement for Devon residents to dispose of waste at a Recycling Centre operated by another Waste Disposal Authority.

In order to prevent potential challenge and conflict, please therefore only use Recycling Centres located within your Local Authority area.

What's new?

Maclins Quarry Recycling Centre, South Molton will reopen on Saturday 3rd of October

We are pleased to announce that Maclins Quarry Recycling Centre will reopen on Saturday 3rd of October. The facility will be open Saturdays and Sundays between 10am and 4.30pm.

Advertise your local business or event at a Household Waste Recycling Centre

It is now possible to advertise your business or event at a local Household Waste Recycling Centre. Click the above link for more information.

Newton Abbot Recycling Centre to no longer accept waste from Torbay residents

Devon County Council regrets to announce that due to budget reductions, residents of Torbay will no longer be able to use Brunel Road Recycling Centre, Newton Abbot from December the 15th, 2014.

Unfortunately, as residents of Torbay pay their Council Tax to Torbay Council, they do not contribute to the running costs of the site. We are facing extreme pressures on our budget and simply cannot afford to continue to process waste from   outside the county's local authority area without any financial contribution. A decision has therefore been taken to only allow Devon County Council tax payer’s access to the Recycling Centre located on Brunel Road, Newton Abbot.

Security staff will be enforcing this restriction. Torbay residents are kindly asked to use Torbay Household Waste Recycling Centre located on Tor Park Road, Paignton

NHS Equipment

The Local Health Service is encouraging people to return NHS equipment instead of throwing it away or leaving it at a Recycling Centre. For more information click here. image - PDF icon (6KB - pdf help)

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