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Guide: Public Participation at Committee Meetings

Part 2

Public Participation

Members of the public are able to ask a question of the Leader or Cabinet Members at meetings of the full Council or at meetings of the Council’s Cabinet.

In certain circumstances presentations or representations may be made to the Council, Development Management Committee, Scrutiny Committees, the Highways and Traffic Orders Committees or the Public Rights of Way Committee.

At meetings of the Council, it must either be a representation or a question, not both.

To ask a question or make a representation or presentation you must live in the area served by the County Council.

You may also, at any time, deliver or present a petition to the Council or one of its Committees (depending on the subject matter). There are various actions which the Council may take (depending upon the numbers of signatures your petition has), such as a senior officer attending a scrutiny committee, consideration of your petition at a Council meeting, holding a public meeting or researching the matter further. For further information you may like to read our Petition Scheme in part 4 of the Constitution