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Guide: Public Participation at Committee Meetings

Part 14

Presentations to Development Management, Highways and Traffic Orders and Public Rights of Way Committees

Presentations may also be made to Development Management, Highways and Traffic Orders and Public Rights of Way Committees in relation to certain types of application, Traffic or Footpath Orders respectively, to be considered by those Committees at the meeting at which the Order is to be considered. The rules governing these presentations are set below:-

* the presentation will be strictly limited to 3 minutes;

* participants will be invited to make their presentation from the Committee table where a position will be allocated for their use;

* presentations will be made following a short introduction from the appropriate officer of the County Council;

* there will be no right to ask questions of officers or Members;

* there will be no right to participate in the debate;

* presentations will normally be on the basis of 1) Applicant 2) Objectorand 3) Supporter as appropriate but detailed operation of the procedure will be entirely at the discretion of the Chair;

* There may be presentations from applicants, objectors and supporters, if one decides not to participate the others will not be precluded from making a presentation;

* where a planning application (or ROMP application) Traffic Order orPublic Footpath Order arouses a large number of objections or support, those concerned may be asked to nominate a representative to present their views. In such cases the identity of the spokesperson must also be made known to the Democratic Services and Scrutiny Secretariat prior to the start of the meeting. If necessary the Chief Executive will draw this requirement to the attention of the objectors/ supporters;

* participants will only be able to make one presentation to the Development Management Committee on a particular application -no matter how many times the same application comes before the Committee and participants may not speak when the Committee is only considering the report of a site visit.

* if applicants, objectors or supporters wish to make a presentation to any of these Committees they must give notification to the Democratic Services and Scrutiny Secretariat, County Hall, Exeter (Tel: 01392 382299) by 12 noon on the fourth working day before the relevant meeting. It will be up to the applicant, objector or supporter to register their wish to make a presentation. The County Council will not invite participation or send reminders. Alternately you may contact us in writing or by email. The contact details are shown below.