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Guide: Public Participation at Committee Meetings

Part 4

How do I table my question?

If you wish to submit a formal, written question then you must put it in writing (by letter or email) before 12 noon on the fourth working day before the date of the meeting (i.e. if the meeting is on a Friday then the question must be submitted by the preceding Monday, taking into account any Bank Holidays). The contact details for the Democratic Services and Scrutiny Secretariat are shown on the back of this leaflet. Where your question relates to a report on an agenda for a meeting and that report is not available by this time you may nonetheless be entitled to ask a question in certain circumstances. Please ring the number referred to above for clarification.

All questions will be printed in the order received and will be circulated to everyone at the meeting together with a written response. You will not be asked to read out your question but you will be entitled to ask one supplementary question arising from the answer you have received. This must be a question, not a statement.

When you submit a question it would be helpful if you could also provide a telephone number so that we can contact you if there is any ambiguity in your question or if for some reason no reply can be given.