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Job title: Service Support Assistant

Area of work: Professional and support roles

Devon County Council feels vibrant, diverse and full of ideas. We are all working on a level playing field with a good wage for a good job. There are also great benefits, not necessarily cash related. Take flexitime: it means that I can balance work and life, and make the most of my personal time.

There is a strong LGBT network here at the Council. You certainly never feel on your own. Diversity is respected and celebrated. The Council is welcoming and broad-minded, and I feel very comfortable and happy working here. We meet regularly to share experiences, offer advice and generally have a bit of a catch up.

Everyone is encouraged to think, develop and constantly make improvements – to themselves and their roles. We are empowered in our day-to-day jobs and have a direct input in to how they are shaped and what we do. The Council – and everyone that works here – it’s very big on environmental responsibility too.