I want to start composting at home, how do I do this?

Garden waste can be composted at home. For a step-by-step guide visit Recycle Devon. To buy a bin, visit Get Composting to discover a range of good quality compost bins, water  butts, wormeries and accessories at amazing prices.

What happens to the garden waste?

The separately collected garden waste is sent for open windrow composting, the process involves: garden waste is delivered to the composting facility a high speed shredder is used to break down the waste material the material is then fed into … Continue reading

When is it collected?

Check with your local district or borough council’s website in order to find out what day your garden waste is collected.

What can I put in my garden waste container?

Yes please: grass cuttings shrubs leaves weeds (not noxious) flowers and plants hedge clippings prunings small branches (check with your local district or borough councils for the maximum accepted thickness diameter) No thanks: plastic/black bags bio-degradable/compostable bags/packaging bio-degradable/compostable cups bio-degradable/compostable … Continue reading