• Newsletter November 2020

    November is the month when old man’s beard covers the trees and hedgerows. Late-flowering ivy, scabious and michaelmas daisy provides nectar for many insects before they hibernate for the winter. During October the weather stayed unseasonably mild with butterflies still … Continue reading

  • Children’s Activity Sheets

    Our activity sheets can be printed and brought to the park to complete. We hope you enjoy exploring and learning more about the park and the wildlife that lives here. Please note, these activity sheets have been designed specifically to … Continue reading

  • Newsletter September 2020

    The leaves on the elder trees are just starting to turn yellow indicating that autumn has finally caught up with Stover. Horse chestnut and beech are usually the next trees to don their autumn colours. For the next month the … Continue reading

  • Newsletter August 2020

    The quiet month of August, with the bird song all but over, heralds the start of the bird migration. Stover’s migrants will start to put on weight in the next few weeks in preparation for their long journey south. They … Continue reading

  • Newsletter July 2020

    The longest day is now behind us and summer is in full swing! On the heath the heather will soon start to flower along with heath speedwell and eyebright. A characteristic sound of the heath in mid-summer is the crackle … Continue reading

  • Newsletter June 2020

    The last newsletter was posted in March before the lockdown, so there’s a bit of catching up to do on the wildlife front. Stover’s residents had the Park pretty much to themselves during the end of March and early April … Continue reading

  • Newsletter February 2020

    Just as winter is at its dreariest the wildflowers are starting to pop up. Snowdrops and celandines have been in flower for several weeks, and in sheltered spots keep an eye out for dog’s mercury and primrose. Coltsfoot and sweet … Continue reading

  • Newsletter January 2020

    With the shortest day thankfully behind us, spring isn’t far away. Spring is signalled in the form of birdsong. The usual communication calls of birds are joined by the songs of territorial birds claiming their space and advertising for mates. … Continue reading

  • Heritage Lottery Bid Application

    Heritage Lottery Bid Stover Park is one of Devon’s most accessible and popular heritage sites, a Grade II historic park and fine example of a late eighteenth century designed landscape, with almost all original features surviving and including two Grade … Continue reading

  • Newsletter June 2019

    The rhododendron is pretty spectacular at this time of year along with the yellow azaelias which flower along the lake path. The flag iris is turning the marsh from green to gold. Summer flowers are at their best this month. … Continue reading