Partnership Work

Stover Country Park work with a range of partner organisations and has a variety of volunteer groups who come to the Park on a regular basis to help with routine maintenance and special projects. Projects range from grass raking, brash removal, rhododendron clearance, bridge building, marsh maintenance and path laying, among others.

Volunteers are crucial in assisting the Rangers to complete the annual habitat works programme. Stover would like to thank the various groups for their help throughout the year, it’s much appreciated

DOVE Project

The DOVE Project offer a range of modernised day opportunities through their innovative Inclusion and Training programmes.

Operating in Devon and Plymouth, they offer group-based support through their hubs and training houses, with a focus on maintaining and developing new skills, enhancing inclusion and increasing levels of independence.

DOVE has been actively involved with practical conservation over the last ten years.

Mayfield College

Mayfield volunteers in the Park

Mayfield College aims to provide students with the skills that they need to be as independent as possible. They offer a variety of opportunities that match pupils’ needs and wishes based on their ‘Person Centred Annual Reviews’. The curriculum includes volunteering in the community.