• Devon Flood Risk Management Strategic Partnership

    The Devon Flood Risk Management Partnership is an informal arrangement which brings together the key stakeholders in flood risk management to meet the Council’s new statutory duties. The partnership provides a coordinated and collaborative approach to flood risk management across … Continue reading

  • The Community

    Members of the community have a key role to play in managing flood risk. Planning authorities are legally bound to involve the community in the consultation process for planning applications and during the preparation of planning documents. Homeowners can reduce … Continue reading

  • Riparian Owner Responsibility

    A riparian owner is someone who has any watercourse within or adjacent to any boundary of their property. Where a watercourse is sited between two or more property boundaries each owner may be equally responsible. Riparian owners are responsible for … Continue reading

  • Braunton Marsh Internal Drainage Board

    Internal Drainage Boards are independent bodies with powers to undertake land drainage work in areas of special drainage needs, as required by the Land Drainage Act. They are also responsible for the management of the water levels in ordinary watercourses … Continue reading

  • South West Water

    Water Companies will continue to be responsible for operating and maintaining the condition of sewerage systems, covering foul water, surface water and combined systems, to reduce sewer flooding and will have a more formal role in the management of surface … Continue reading

  • District, City and Borough Councils

    The District Councils maintain their duties under the Land Drainage Act. They have specific powers for: Implementing and maintaining flood defences on ordinary watercourses which are not the responsibility of the Internal Drainage Board. The preparation of development plans and … Continue reading

  • Environment Agency

    The Environment Agency is responsible for implementing policies set by Defra and the Welsh Assembly Government. The flood risk management activities the Environment Agency are responsible for carrying out in England and Wales include: Adopting a strategic overview for all … Continue reading

  • Devon County Council

    We are responsible for managing local flood risk in Devon (i.e. risks of internal property flooding from surface water, ground water and ordinary (smaller) watercourses). This excludes flood risk from the sea and main rivers, which is the Environment Agency’s … Continue reading