Environment Agency

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The Environment Agency is responsible for implementing policies set by Defra and the Welsh Assembly Government. The flood risk management activities the Environment Agency are responsible for carrying out in England and Wales include:

  • Adopting a strategic overview for all flood risk management issues, as set out by the Flood and Water Management Act
  • Developing long-term plans for sustainable flood risk management
  • Building physical flood defences
  • Maintaining designated main rivers, including flood defences
  • Flood forecasting and producing flood risk maps
  • Issuing flood warnings and ensuring public awareness of flood risk
  • Advising on waste disposal practices to prevent pollution and harm to human health
  • Some of the Environment Agency’s work is carried out through the local Regional Flood and Coastal Committees (RDFCC); Devon is covered by the South West RFCC
  • More information about the Environment Agency and their work can be found on the Environment Agency’s website