Report flooding of a property

This is a reporting tool for gathering information on areas affected by flooding, in particular the flooding of properties. Please note this will not generate an immediate response for assistance during or after an event. For more information on who to contact following a flood event please refer to our ‘who to contact if you experience flooding‘ page.

In order to inform our flood investigation reports and enable us to effectively prioritise our action plan, we need to understand what areas have been affected by flooding.Flood Online Reporting Tool (FORT) banner

FORT (Flood Online Reporting Tool), formerly known as SWIM, is a straightforward web-based system which allows Members of the Public, Flood Wardens and Flood Risk Management Authorities to enter details about property flooding in one place. The FORT project has been developed by the GeoWessex partnership. The developers are the Dorset County Council Geographical Information Team working with colleagues from the Environment Agency and the Devon County Council Flood and Coastal Risk Management team.

Record current flooding

If you are flooding now this will inform multiple agencies of areas being affected, however, this will not trigger an immediate response from any agency.

Record recent flooding

If your property has been affected by flooding in the last 5 years, this will inform recovery and long term investment in flood risk management.

Update a record

You can provide an update to an existing record you created.
Please note: you will need your SWIM ID and access code.

If flooding has affected your property, please fill in details of the flooding using one of the options above. The Flood and Coastal Risk Management team will review this record in line with specific criteria set out in the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy to inform any required flood investigation report and the consideration of future investment in flood improvements. 

Any information submitted will be used for data collection purposes only. If you require a direct response, please contact a member of the Flood and Coastal Risk Management Team at Please see our privacy notice for information on how we collect and use personal data.

Flood Online Reporting Tool (FORT) logoIf you live in a community affected by flooding, please refer to our Flood Incident Guidance for Flood Volunteers, which provides valuable information that you can submit to the team to assist with the recovery and flood investigation process.

To report any flooding to the road or blocked drains, this should be done via the Roads and Transport report a problem page.

Last Updated: September 2020