Enforcement action against unconsented work

Devon County Council aims to work positively with local landowners to ensure that any work is appropriate and does not increase local flood risk.

In the case of work being carried out without consent, and where we deem that consent would have been required, work cannot be retrospectively consented. In these cases we will normally take action to see the ordinary watercourse is put back to the condition it was in beforehand or remedial action taken.

If you have noticed work to an ordinary watercourse in your local area, please contact us to determine whether the work required our consent and whether an application for consent was made or not.

We will take a risk-based approach to enforcement where unconsented work has been carried out on ordinary watercourses.

If you have a query regarding enforcement please contact the flood risk team:

How to contact us

For all other flooding enquiries contact the Devon County Council Flood Risk Management Team on 0345 155 1015 or email floodrisk@devon.gov.uk.

Flood Risk Management
Room 120
County Hall
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Last updated: August 2020