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Waste Development Documents

Waste Core Strategy / Devon Waste Plan

Bideford Recycle

Submission  |  Pre-submission  |  Brynsworthy  |  Preferred Strategy  |  Issues and Options  |  Call for Sites  |  Sustainability Appraisal  |  Timetable  |  Bulletins

Since 2010 the County Council has been preparing the Devon Waste Plan. The role of the Devon Waste Plan is to establish the overarching principles and policy direction for waste planning in Devon, it also identifies strategic sites for energy recovery across the County and a series of planning policies for making decisions on planning applications. The Plan covers the period to 2031.

Latest news…


Following adoption of the Devon Waste PLan, the County Council is preparing a Supplementary Planning Document to assist in the Plan's implementation.  Further information on tthe SPD and associated consultation can be found here:

Waste Management and Infrastructure SPD

Adoption of the Devon Waste Plan

The County Council adopted the Devon Waste Plan on Thursday 11th December 2014. The Plan can be found here:

Inspector's Report

Following the examination hearings and consultation on the proposed modifications, the County Council received the Inspector’s Report. The Inspector concluded that, with the modifications he recommended, the Devon Waste Plan is sound and legally compliant, providing an appropriate basis for waste planning in Devon.

The Inspector’s Report is available here:

Modifications Consultation

Following the examination hearings, the Council consulted on the proposed modifications. The consultation ended on the 19th September 2014 and all representations received were forwarded to the Inspector. Full details are available through the following link:

Examination of the Devon Waste Plan

The examination hearings for the Devon Waste Plan were held in July 2014. Documents relevant to the examination so far can be found through the following link:


Following the Pre-submission Consultation, the Devon Waste Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State on 3rd April 2014 for examination by an Inspector. The submission documents, together with the representations received in response to the consultation, are available through the following link:

Devon Waste Plan Pre-submission Consultation

The final consultation for the Devon Waste Plan was undertaken from Monday 2 December 2013 to Monday 24 February 2014. To read the Pre-submission Consultation Devon Waste Plan and its supporting evidence, please follow the link below.

Brynsworthy Environment Centre - local consultation

To seek views on the possible inclusion of land at Brynsworthy Environment Centre, near Barnstaple, in the Waste Plan for a strategic waste recovery facility, Devon County Council is undertaking a local consultation in that area.  Details of the site and consultation can be found through the following link:

Devon Waste Plan: Preferred strategy, site options and draft policies

Between May and August 2012, Devon County Council carried out consultation for the Devon Waste Plan, including an overall strategy for waste planning, possible site options for waste facilities and a series of draft policies. The outcomes of this consultation have been collated and are available through the following link, together with the consultation documents and supporting evidence.

After considering the representations received and securing further necessary evidence, Devon County Council will prepare the pre-submission draft Waste Plan for further public consultation in the Autumn of 2013 before submitting the Plan to the Secretary of State for examination.

Waste Core Strategy: Issues and Options

An Issues and Options Consultation was held between April and July 2011. This consultation asked a series of questions related to the main issues which the Waste Core Strategy (as it was then referred to) should consider. It also set out some broad options to guide the location of future waste facilities, asking which option people thought was the most appropriate.

To view the reports for the Issues and Options Consultation please follow the link below:

Call for sites

To help develop possible waste site options, a call for sites was held in the autumn of 2011. For more information on this please follow the link below:

Sustainability Appraisal

The Devon Waste Plan is subject to a Sustainability Appraisal process. To view information on the appraisal please follow the link below:

Devon Waste Plan Timetable

Bideford Recycle

The timetable for the preparation of the Devon Waste Plan is set out below:

  • Preferred strategy, site options and draft policies consultation between May and August 2012
  • Pre-submission consultation  Winter 2013 for further public comment
  • The Plan will go through an Examination in  July 2014
  • The Plan is currently timetabled for adoption by the end of 2014


For a summary of the latest news on the progress of the Devon Waste Plan please view the bulletins below:

Bideford Recycle

Engagement with members of the public, the waste industry and stakeholders will play a major role throughout the development of the Devon Waste Plan and there will be a number of opportunities throughout the process to influence and comment on the content or principles outlined within the Plan.

This page will be updated regularly as progress is made, however, if you would like to make any comments or have any enquiries in relation to the development of the Devon Waste Plan please contact wasteplanning@devon.gov.uk