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The planning application process

Applications go through certain stages before they can be approved. Find out more about each of the stages using this guide. You can also download this guide in PDF format using the link below.


Only the applicant can appeal against a decision and this should be made to the Planning Inspectorate within 6 months of the date of determination. You can see current and past appeals to Devon County Council here. To find out more about the appeal process and to make an appeal see Planning Appeals on the Planning Portal.

If you have a complaint about the way an application was dealt with, you can also raise it through our complaints procedure. Such complaints will be investigated by a complaints officer, on instruction by the Chief Executive of the County Council. In addition, in the case of alleged maladministration, you can register a complaint with the Local Government Ombudsman, who acts independently from the County Council, (however, the Ombudsman only has the power to investigate the procedures followed by Local Authorities, i.e. how a decision was reached rather than whether the decision was correct). Alternatively, if you think that the decision is wrong in law, then you can apply through the Courts for a Judicial Review.