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Waste Management and Infrastructure SPD

Following adoption of the Devon Waste Plan in December 2014, we have prepared a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on Waste Management and Infrastructure. The SPD provides guidance to local planning authorities and developers to assist in implementation of three of the Waste Plan’s policies dealing with waste prevention, waste management infrastructure and the protection of waste management capacity.

The SPD is now a material consideration when determining planning applications in Devon. The SPD and the adoption statement can be found below:

Waste Management and Infrastructure (SPD )

Adoption Statement

Waste Consultation Zones – Online Mapping Tool

In its Waste Monitoring Reports for 2014/15 and 2015/16, the County Council identified a lack of compliance by local planning authorities with the requirement of Policy W4 of the Devon Waste Plan for submission of a waste audit statement.  To review the level of compliance and consider measures for improving performance, the Council undertook a survey of major planning applications during 2015/16.  The report of the survey and recommendations is available below, and any change in performance will be considered through future Monitoring Reports.

Waste Audit Statements: A Review of Implementation of Policy W4