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Here in Procurement, we manage the process by which the Council acquires its goods, services and infrastructure projects, working right across the organisation to support all elements of the Council’s activities.

Our aim is to achieve the best value for money and service quality, helping to shape and support services that matter to the people of Devon. The work we do really makes a difference, and we see it everywhere we go.

To work in Procurement means to work with variety, creativity and precision. Our team works across all County Council services, including:
• Highways
• Environment and Waste
• Children’s services
• Adult services
• Corporate Business services, ICT and property

Working across all these services means great variety, and each day will be different. Your day may involve working with Procurement Law and developing contracts for service providers, or you could be using creative initiatives to design evaluation strategies and work to create informative, well-conceived and sustainable business opportunities for the market to bid for.

Throughout our Procurement team, we have a strong focus on learning and development. Besides a clear career pathway, you will receive great support from colleagues right across our team.

In return for your hard work, you will not only be part of a flexible work culture that encourages a healthy work-life balance, but you will also have opportunities to gain further qualifications within your area of work.

We want to ensure that you can get the best out of both your career and your experience working for Devon County Council, with one of the best procurement services in the south west.

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