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Job title: Auditor - Risk Management

Area of work: Audit and compliance

I joined Devon County Council (DCC) in 2009 and at the time I was an Assistant Auditor. I was very quickly given an opportunity to apply for professional training resulting in the achievement of a formal qualification. The council was supportive throughout, allowing me time away from work for exams and study workshops etc. I spent the next few years taking up opportunities to develop my career as vacancies arose.

In late 2016 I moved to the NHS, returning to DCC after 12 months when the right vacancy became available, a decision that I am very happy I made. Throughout both my stints with DCC I have felt well supported and I have been able to work from home on a regular basis, which really helps with the work life balance. Access to the flexi time scheme really helps as I have a young family and using leave entitlement and support such as Parental leave, I was able to take four weeks off when each of my three children were born.

My family loves being outdoors and there are so many beaches, moors and forests to visit. I have been amazed at the number of attractions there are in the area with everything from open farm days to trains, otters, bees, theme parks, water parks and a multitude of theatres and sporting teams. Having lived in other parts of the country and worked in other sectors including Hospitality, Construction, Engineering and Telecoms, I am happy to be working at the Council, in a fulfilling job which also lets me enjoy my family.