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Job title: Principal Highway Development Management Officer

Area of work: Transportation Planning

I joined Devon as a graduate after completing a physics degree at the University of Exeter. and subsequently Devon has sponsored my part-time Masters Degree in Transportation Planning & Engineering.

At an early stage while working at Devon I remember hearing a speech at a colleague’s leaving do where it was said ‘At Devon if you are good enough you are old enough’. I took that to heart and have embraced the opportunities presented to me. Devon encourages career development and progression and since joining I have been able to advance my career and now hold the post of Principle Highway Development Management Officer. My work has allowed me to gain Chartered Engineer status with the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) through the career appraisal route.

I’m typically out of the office two or three times a week for site visits and meetings with planning officers, councillors, developers, agents and contractors. This means I mainly work from home to answer emails and carry out office tasks, and use Barnstaple’s Taw View office to hold meetings when required. Devon’s approach to flexible working is amazing. I have always been an ‘early bird’, so being able to start work from 7am and finish at3.30pm has always appealed to me. With the further flexibility of all staff having a laptop and being able to work from home or a café and even the car (if there is signal), I cannot think of a better work set up. Having autonomy over the approach to my workload and how to solve problems is invaluable to me and I believe it helps achieve the best end-result for the local communities concerned.